Praising and Thanking the Lord for My New Home and Upcoming Move!

Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited and happy to share with the regular visitors to our public site that I’ll be moving to my new home this Saturday! As I shared a few months ago, due to safety concerns and other considerations, I bought a new home last November that needed quite a bit of repair and renovating before I could move in, and requested your financial help to do that. So I want to share an update and how God has blessed me in the past few months!

First, I’m very grateful and thankful to the people who sent a total of six hundred dollars to help finance the repairs needed and my move to my new home! I’m also thankful that I had very good credit and was able to take advantage of several zero interest offers on my credit cards to finance the rest of it! As often happens, the cost of repairs and renovations were quite a bit more than expected, so I owe almost twenty thousand dollars and would still greatly appreciate your help paying that off. And I still haven’t resolved what I’m going to do with my current home, but the lady who initially knocked on my door the day I bought it is still in the picture since they didn’t buy the other house after all. So I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to come to some kind of arrangement that’s mutually beneficial this week. That would help pay off some of the credit cards, and then I should be able to get a small mortgage on the new house to pay off the rest. In any case, I know God has all of that in His hands!

Also, the young man who stole my generator is back in jail and probably won’t be out for many, many years to come! I don’t know if it was because of my conversation with the deputy who came to look at my security cameras after a burglary across the street or something else, but they got a search warrant soon after that, which led to many more serious charges being filed against him. In fact, the charges are so serious now that his public legal representation was bumped up to criminal attorneys and investigators instead of a public defender, and he’s facing up to sixty-five years in jail. The new charges against him now include at least two home burglaries, multiple counts of grand theft, dealing in stolen property and pawn fraud. I also learned through my deposition that their defense was going to be that I have so many people coming in and out of my house that anyone could have stolen my generator, which explains why the other guy kept pestering me for work! But that defense wasn’t going to work since everything they had “assumed” isn’t true…AND certainly wouldn’t explain why he had my generator when the police went there! I also learned that he literally tried to sell my generator to the next door neighbor that Sunday afternoon! Needless to say, his bond was revoked and he went back to jail on the first of December, and since no bail is allowed now, I feel much safer! I truly believe he’s part of a criminal network, and hope for the sake of my current neighborhood and neighbors that they’ll scatter since the only hope Enrique has of getting a shorter sentence when all is said and done is if he rats them out! So I’m really glad I didn’t back down when a deputy tried to talk me into doing that for my own sake, which I wouldn’t do because I knew he’d just keep on stealing from other people, and I was right. So as I considered a possibility, God might have used all of this just to get me to move since I wouldn’t have done so otherwise. And thanks to very serious ongoing FBI investigations, it looks like the corruption that’s taken over our local government will soon be brought to an end too, which was my initial reason for wanting to move! That makes me even more excited about my move because I know God’s up to something, and with God, it’s ALWAYS something good!!!

Another HUGE praise is how God IMMEDIATELY answered prayers for His help and grace packing! I’ve struggled with asthma for quite a few years now, and for some reason, it was rearing its ugly head every time I exerted myself in any way, which was making it very difficult to start packing up for my move. I was initially planning to move right after the first of this month, but things still needed to be done at my new house and I wasn’t making much progress packing. It was so bad one day last week that I had a talk with God about it and asked several people I talked to that day to pray for me as well. To my utter delight and awe, God was (as He ALWAYS is) ever so faithful! And after only being able to pack one or two boxes in a single day, I packed seven boxes the next day and haven’t stopped! So I’ll definitely have everything packed up and ready to go this Saturday!

Finally, one of my goals after getting settled into my new home is dedicating time to writing some new Seeds Of Faith posts, which I want to do in response to the false teachings I’ve seen permeating through some other marriage restoration ministries. So stay tuned!

Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and financial support! And may the Lord bless you with His very best!

Linda Wattu

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