True Praise and Worship Music Has the Power to Change Our Lives!

Since recent conversations with FAM members and others made me realize that a lot of people have no idea what “real” praise and worship music is, I want to share some links to the kind of music that moves our hearts to truly praise and worship our Lord and thus has the power to change our perspective and lives.

Here’s a live worship video from YouTube with Bob Fitts & The Maranatha Singers from 1991. As you will see, the focus of every song is the Lord and His most awesome attributes, power and promises. Music that focuses on us, our problems and even the state of our hearts is just another way the devil distracts and misleads us because praise and worship is only praise and worship when it truly magnifies and glorifies the Lord. If the music we listen to doesn’t fill us with righteousness/faith, joy and peace (read Romans 14:17) and center our thoughts on the Lord, then it’s not what we need to be filling our hearts, minds and spirit with.

So I challenge and encourage all of you to listen to this or something like it whenever you’re feeling down or discouraged and you’ll be amazed by how it changes and redirects your focus and puts a pep in your step and a lift in your heart and spirit! Trust me, this is the kind of praise and worship music that pleases the Lord and we’ll always benefit greatly by filling ourselves with the resulting faith, hope and reverence toward God it inspires!

Here are some more links to check out as well. I haven’t listened to every song as I did on the above link, so I hope they are all truly glorifying to our Lord. And even though the audio isn’t the best on all of them, the words/lyrics are still powerful:
7 Hours of Non Stop Uplifting Christian Music
Maranatha! Singers – Double Praise
Michael W. Smith – Worship (LIVE in Canada)

As you’ll see, there’s an endless array of praise and worship music available on YouTube, so just look for and listen to songs with lyrics that cause your spirit to soar as you praise, magnify and glorify the Lord and you’ll be blessed beyond anything you’d ever think possible because that’s what we were all created to do according to Isaiah 43:7, Isaiah 43:21 and Ephesians 1:3-14!

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