Home Workers

Since marital separation and divorce tend to negatively impact families financially, and child care, transportation and other issues often make it difficult to find or maintain work outside of the home, FAMM is pleased to provide our “Home Workers” page as a resource to assist those looking for “work-at-home” opportunities, which will include only information about employment opportunities we believe to be legitimate. So if anyone knows of other real work-at-home jobs or opportunities, please let us know about them so they can be included here as well.

Disciples Cross Producer:
Disciples Cross has a “buy back” policy for crosses meeting their quality standards, which makes it possible to earn up to $2000.00 per month. But the potential for profit is much greater when selling them through other outlets. The initial cost for supplies is approximately $80.00. And after reading a great deal of information about this opportunity on the internet, this review from Reviewopedia.com seems to accurately reflect what I found. And FAMM receives $10.00 for every order placed through the above link.