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Before becoming a member of the FAM Fellowship, please take the time to read About FAM Ministries, as continued involvement and participation of all members requires understanding and agreement with the principles, purposes and goals of the fellowship. Any member persistently failing to honor and practice these principles will be barred from further participation in the fellowship. And please take the time to read and prayerfully consider Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage and the related posts before becoming a FAM member so you’ll know what we believe, promote and strictly adhere to regarding what we teach and support concerning the life-long covenant of marriage, divorce and remarriage.

By becoming a FAM Fellowship member, you agree to support and abide by the principles, purposes and goals of FAMM as stated at the above links. Then, in addition to access to all public areas of the FAMM website now available to all visitors, you will have access to the private website, which is only available and accessible to FAM Fellowship members. The FAM Fellowship website is intended and designed to glorify and magnify the Lord and the power and promise of His Word; while providing an interactive, safe, and securely private environment in which to share our personal experiences and praises, as well as ministry opportunities to encourage, support and hold each other accountable while standing for marriage restoration. The “members only” website includes:

Where FAM members share and stand in agreement with each other in response to prayer requests.

Where FAM members share experiences, testimonies, and questions about fasting.

Where FAM members share encouraging praises and testimonies of how God is working as they stand for marriage restoration and reconciliation.

Where FAM members share their restored marriage testimonies.

Where FAM members share unique insight and give God glory for the great things He continues to do after marriage restoration!

Where FAM members initiate discussion of topics and encouragement when standing for marriage restoration.

Where FAM members share encouragement and insight gained from Their experience and perspective as prodigals.

Where FAM members share the unique experiences and challenges of standing for an unsaved spouse’s salvation –often still necessary after being blessed with a restored marriage.

In addition to the private areas described above, RESTORATION PRINCIPLES features articles promoting the biblical principles of faith and marriage restoration, written by FAM’s founder, Linda Wattu, or other FAM Fellowship members. Members can respond to these articles, which are also archived for future reference.

Then our Prayer List and Member Introductions provide a great opportunity for our members to get to know each other, which is a wonderful source of support and encouragement as we stand together in prayer for marriage restoration. And we really enjoy a great time of fellowship and study on our FAM Conference Calls, which are currently hosted on the first and third Thursday of every month. We also occasionally use our conference call line for book studies, which are usually scheduled on Monday nights each week. Additionally, all of the previous book studies are recorded and available online. We’re really excited about the wonderful ministry opportunities our conference call line makes possible as the work of FAMM reaches and connects FAM Fellowship members from all around the world.

When funds are available, FAM members are also blessed with unique ministry opportunities to connect with each other during the year when fellow members host “FAM Reunions” in different regions of the country, where FAMM’s founder and other leaders in the ministry are in attendance as everyone shares a very special time of fellowship–very much like any family reunion. One of our very generous members actually donated the funds so we could rent a beautiful home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida a few years ago, and we’ve been to Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Illinois as well as to another FAM Reunion in the founder’s home in north Florida.

In an effort to help defray the expense of maintaining the FAMM websites and other ministry opportunities provided through Faith And Marriage Ministries, and to prevent participation by those with less than sincere motives, membership in the FAM Fellowship requires annual dues of $35.00.

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All of the requested information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will not be used for ANY purposes other than those required for participation on the FAM Fellowship website and to give us a better understanding of our members’ needs as we strive to address them.