God’s Faithfulness NEVER Ends!

Since I know this time of year is often the most challenging for those standing for the restoration of their marriages, I hope sharing a few recent testimonies of restoration and even remarriage after many years of divorce and adulterous remarriage will be a source of encouragement. We can’t ever lose sight of God’s faithfulness and that He will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to accomplish His plan and promises as declared in Isaiah 46:10-11!

First, one of our FAM member’s best friends remarried her covenant husband on what would have been their thirty-first wedding anniversary last May! Even though they went through a very long and nasty divorce and he was involved with a NCP for over ten years, after the NCP broke off their relationship, they were both invited to a family gathering last Thanksgiving…and the rest is history and so totally God glorifying as another couple and family are blessed with an amazing restoration!

Additionally, I recently received a call from a woman who was going through a very nasty divorce after being married for almost twenty-six years. Even though her first husband had died, her second husband was divorced from his covenant wife who was still living, which made her marriage adultery according to the Scriptures. She said they had a great marriage and never had fights or disagreements, and they had a child together in addition to the young child she had when her covenant husband died. She didn’t know how her husband and his covenant wife ended up being in contact with each other again after so many years (they had been divorced for a while before she met him), but he left her and went back to his first wife. She was totally devastated and didn’t understand what happened, so I tried to tell her about how serious God is about the covenant of marriage and upholding His written Word; which says in Proverbs 5:4 that in the end, the adulteress will become as bitter as wormwood and as sharp as a double edged knife. She kept repeating Scriptures about marriage, but I told her those Scriptures apply to her husband’s first and covenant marriage and not to what the Bible repeatedly declares adultery. I encouraged her to keep reading the Bible and said that if what I had shared was the truth God wanted her to understand, He would provide confirmation. While that’s a very sad situation for her, it’s confirmation that there’s an inexplicable and unbreakable bond between a covenant husband and wife that time, distance and nothing else can destroy. The love is ALWAYS there; it’s just buried under so much pain, bitterness and disappointment…yet waiting to come to the surface almost unbidden. As everyone with a truly restored marriage says, it’s as if the time had never passed no matter how long it’s been!

Most recently, a FAM member just shared that she’s known a couple who have been her neighbors for over fifteen years, who she always thought were married. She said they “appeared” to be a perfect couple and seemed to get along with each other very well. However, she learned that they weren’t married several years ago when the man’s former wife brought his daughter to visit her father and she referred to the woman as her daddy’s girlfriend! And she just found out that the woman has moved out now, so it’s entirely possible and very likely that one more restoration is under way because God’s Faithfulness never ends!

So focus on making the most of every single day God gives you to get out of bed because He has a purpose for each of us in every day He gives us, and when you least expect it, He will bring about the restoration of your marriage and family! Just remember that the more you live for the praise, honor and glory of Jesus Christ, the more God will give you to praise, honor and glorify Him with!

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