Rejoice this Weekend Because Love Never Fails! by Arteaya

(Note from Linda: Arteaya posted this on the private site yesterday and since I know it’s a great reminder for everyone standing for the restoration of their covenant marriage, I asked for her permission to share it here as well. So be blessed as you remember that God will move heaven and earth to uphold the covenant of our marriages when we simply trust and obey Him!)


Hello Everyone!

Over the past couple of days, Stephanie’s post, “God is Working in Your Spouse’s Heart this Valentine’s Day!” has been replaying in my head. I had not read it in a while, but it kept coming to my heart and mind. And since there are a lot of new members, I want to encourage you all to read Stephanie’s post. It’s a living testimony of how God speaks to our spouses and illustrates how His Word is true and that LOVE NEVER FAILS. I have seen that Scripture so many times over the past week, and now that’s what God is speaking to me. So please “let go” this weekend and know that God is working for you and putting the love your spouses have for you in the forefront of their minds and hearts. You don’t have to force or try to make anything happen. God is already doing it. So do something fun…pamper yourself…go to dinner. Rejoice that God is on your side and He will never leave you nor forsake you!

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