Sharing Another Great Message and More from Dr. Charles Stanley!

Since I know everyone visiting this site is most likely in the midst of one kind of trial or another, I want to share the following link to Dr. Charles Stanley’s message entitled Wisdom in the Midst of Trials, which I hope and pray will be a blessing and source of great comfort.. It truly changes our perspective when we realize and accept that God ALWAYS has a purpose in everything that happens in our lives and can get beyond feeling and acting like victims as we recognize that WE’RE ALWAYS VICTORS IN JESUS CHRIST!

There are other links to great messages from Dr. Stanley here as well. And here’s another link where you’ll find a literal treasure trove of powerful messages from Dr. Stanley on many other topics relevant to all of us as Christians!

So I encourage you all to listen to as many of the messages linked to above with an open heart and spirit because I know you’ll truly be blessed beyond belief when you do!

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