A Reminder that “Love GIVES!”

In response to recent conversations with FAM members, as well as many recent email communications from people who have sent inquiries after finding this site, I want to share a reminder that Love GIVES!

It’s truly amazing to hear from so many people who divorced their spouses because they felt so “wronged” and “neglected” only to soon realize and even regret their decisions! So I hope and pray that reading the above Seeds Of Faith post will remind all of us of what love really is. As I’ve often shared previously, we have to learn to love our spouses the same way we love our children; one is most often about getting OUR needs met and the other is more about meeting THEIR needs. So one is self centered and the other is more about blessing someone else and meeting their needs.

I call the devil a “master distractor” and when we become so self focused and allow everything to be all about us, we’re just letting the devil distract us from the covenant we made with our marriage vows, and saddest of all, the power of God to bless and reward us when we HUMBLE ourselves under HIS mighty hand as we stand in faith and obedience on the power and promise of His Word! And when we’re guided and led astray by the dictates of our flesh, we will NOT experience all that God wants to bless us with. So I pray that we’ll put our focus back on loving the spouses we vowed to love and stand with for better or worse…until death alone parts us, and then be blessed with the marriages God intended us to have when we do things HIS way, which Isaiah 55:8-9 reminds us are NOT our ways!

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