God’s Divine Erasers! by Karla

(Note from Linda: Karla posted the followingAfter Marriage Restoration testimony and praise for the wonderful work of the Lord in her life and marriage on the private site earlier today, and I greatly appreciate her permission to share it here to help encourage everyone still waiting for that awesome moment when your spouse moves back home! So put all of your hope, faith and confidence in our God Almighty as you learn to stand in faith and obedience on the power and promise of His Word and you will indeed be blessed and encouraged!)


Hello FAMM family,

Well, God works in mysterious, yet wonderful ways! As I sit here typing this, I am in tears because I am watching my husband unload his truck as he moves home. PRAISE GOD!! I am watching boxes being unloaded, drawers being filled, and my house becoming a home again. And I have to give God all the glory, honor, and praise! The tears are tears of joy, and tears that remind me of where my husband and I have been. It’s as if God is taking each box that SNO (spouse name omitted) brings in and using it to wash away the pain of seeing the same box leave with him seven and a half months ago. Don’t get me wrong; God had healed those wounds, but today, with each box brought home, he is somehow erasing the wounds completely. It is the most unexplainable feeling.

I decided to drive home from New York last night instead of today, so it was an easier trip for the kids; bad weather was coming…plus I just wanted to get home. And when I got home at 11:30pm, SNO was here. He had said that he would be, but I had hit bad weather and got back quite a bit later than I had told him I would be, so I was surprised that he was here. And as I pulled into the garage, I could see that his winter coats were hanging on the rack where they always did, and all I could think was “Praise God!”

When I went upstairs, there he sat in his chair; he had a fire burning, and for a moment, it was like he had never left. It was surreal. We watched some TV, and then he asked if I was tired. When I said yes, he said “Well, let’s head upstairs then.” So I asked if he was staying, and he said yes! Again, I praised God, because he had not stayed overnight in our house since the night he moved out in April. Once again, it was as if he never left. Everything was as it was, yet it was so much more.

I had noticed that he had not moved anything else home, but said nothing. When we woke up, he made us all pancakes for breakfast and we just hung out and then had lunch. About an hour ago, I asked him what he wanted to do today and his answer was “I want to start moving my stuff home.” I don’t remember what was said after that, but I know I was grinning. He started down the steps to leave and the kids asked what stuff he was moving home, and he said “All of my stuff.” Then they asked why, and he said “I am moving back home.” The kids just went crazy; they didn’t see this coming, because I had not said anything about it.

So here I sit, feeling a bit overwhelmed as God erases the painful memory of boxes leaving with the joy of seeing boxes returning. I wish I could explain the healing God has given me through watching him move home. It is like God is showing me that He is erasing all of the pain of the past, right before my eyes. He truly does make all things new.

So I ask that when your spouses move back home, look at those cardboard boxes as they carry them in; look at them hard. You will have such an appreciation for what those boxes represent. They are erasers; God’s erasers, so thank God for every one of them. God has been a great healer, but most importantly, he has been the wonderful eraser of my pain. Seven and a half months ago, I was on my knees crying out to God as my husband packed up and left. And today, I am on my knees praising him for this miraculous blessing. He never left me; He was with me all this time.

Thank you, FAMM family, for supporting me, and encouraging me. I would not be witnessing my husband move home right now if it was not for Linda, all of you, and this ministry. My husband is home because he says he has the wife he always wanted. I would not have been able to let go and make the changes needed in me without FAMM. I love you all, and I cannot wait to read all of the restoration testimonies that are coming…and believe me; they are coming. God Bless!! Karla

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    My wife and I are healed in our marriage because of what the LORD has done; great is his faithfulness, and morning by morning new mercies I see. So I will share further details as they manifest!

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