AFTER Restoration!

We added a new category to the private website today in honor of some very encouraging and instructive praises posted by several ladies with restored marriages, which is titled After Restoration! It’s SO encouraging to see how the Lord keeps working after restoration; how faithful He is to restore so much more than was lost in the first place and to complete the good work He’s begun! In addition to the following Praise Testimony, posted today by one of our members with a restored marriage; one of our other restored FAM Fellowship members shared how well things went when her husband joined her for the first time at her small group Bible Study where they had a barbecue; and he really enjoyed himself! And then I talked to another one of our Ladies whose marriage was restored just before Christmas, and she shared how her husband had given his life to the Lord at a marriage encounter weekend they just attended and how wonderfully she is seeing the Lord work in Him! God just never does ANYTHING half way! And the latest member with a restored marriage shared that her husband told her that he loved her for the first time in a long time last night! And everyone reading the prophetic messages we often refer to knows that based on all of them; there’s a WHOLE LOT more coming, so GET READY! And be blessed and encouraged as you read how the Lord has been working in the full and complete marriage restoration of just one of our members!


Hello All!!! I’m so excited to get to write a post with such wonderful news!
“The earth was formless and void…and God said, Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:2-3)

…I am here to Praise God and thank Him for all of His AWESOME ways and how He continues to bless me and my family! My “something out of nothing” is proven in the fact that I am writing this message freshly back from a week long cruise with my wonderful husband!!! WOOHOO!!!! Praise God!!! Sixteen months ago, I would have NEVER guessed that I would have been spending time on a cruise ship with my husband beside me as we continue on this God glorifying road of restoration!

June of last year is when I stood on the solid rock of Jesus and claimed that our marriage was restored. Since then, Satan has tried in different ways to steal God’s glory. Each time, every principle on the road TO restoration became a vital tool for me to maintain the path OF restoration and bring forth God’s glory light to every situation. Once you stand up and make the declaration in Jesus’ name, Satan pulls out all the stops. God knows that steal, kill and destroy game though! That is why hand in hand on the path of restoration each of us are on, God continues to equip us with His word, His love and FAITH that God works all things for our good and His glory!!!

Another Praise I have to share shows how God shines His light in the darkest of situations, making something else out of nothing. My husband still has contact with the NCP, and I didn’t understand at all why God would continue to allow that. So I prayed and continue to pray. And I now know that there are reasons for that. One of my prayers has been that God would bring someone into her life that would show her His eternal promise and gift. And I recently found out that my husband purchased a gift and sent it to her. The gift…God’s Holy Word. Praise God!!! Not only does she have the awesome Word of God in her hand, there is now one more Bible in a part of the world that doesn’t normally get to hear or see God’s Word. What a wonderful example and testimony of Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”!!! I am now so excited to daily see how God is going to use us and our marriage to bring forth His glory! I haven’t always been able to say that though! There are times wen I look at a circumstance and it brings sadness, heartache or fear to me. All those are straight from Satan and his silly attempt to get my eyes on my circumstance and off of the glory light of God. The Sword of the Spirit is the tool and weapon God showed and taught me how to use as I journeyed to restoration. Now that I am in a restored marriage, I know that when I feel those feelings, I have to stop and say and claim verses outloud; such as Romans 8:28; and claim promises like Jeremiah 29:11 . Restoration is not just a journey that stops once we claim it; it’s a God glorifying journey that I will continue down for the rest of my life. It is my calling from God to bring forth His glory through the life I live daily…my testimony!

I just wanted to give God glory for the wonderful blessing He gave me and my husband in such a delightful week together! I also wanted to stop and give God glory and remind everyone to take today as it is suggested…”a present”. God is using you today and gifting you today with tools that will help you in your daily life and bring forth His glory for many to see. Take ahold of them and cherish them as the blessings they are. God will bless you and many people around you in ways that you would never imagine! I never would have imagined that God would use our marriage to bring His Holy Word to a darkened part of the world. Nor would I have ever imagined the wonderful week I just experienced with my husband! It does happen and God fulfills every promise He makes! Stand strong and JUST BELIEVE!!!

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  1. response by Jan     

    I loved this! I have been standing since March 2006. My husband
    is now engaged to be married to the other woman on May 25th.
    I am still standing and know my miracle is here. It is so encouraging
    to read of God’s restoring power.

  2. response by diane     

    Nothing is too hard for God, what He does for one He will do for all, you included. Stand firm in His promises, let Him do a mighty work in you and He will complete that work. God is for you and your marriage, who could be against it. Not man. Be encouraged, God does heal and restore.

  3. response by Inez     

    I too am standing for the restoration of my marriage;, and even though he is planning to marry another woman in the next few months, I am encouraged that God says that He will cause it all to work together for good in Romans8:28. I am learning not to focus on that situation, and to keep my mind stayed on Jesus. And when I find myself drifting down the “what if” road. I read and recite scripture to redirect my focus, and it works!

  4. response by Francisco     

    I’m standing in Christ for the restoration of my marriage to my wife,and know that I will see His goodness in my life and in the lives of those who put their situations in His glorious hands and trust Him. Father, I praise You for my faith in You, Your Son and Your Holy Spirit.Amen.

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